SurCode CD Pro DTS

SurCode CD Pro DTS 2.01

SurCode CD-DTS is easy to use, just specify the six 44.1 khz WAV or AIFF files

SurCode CD-DTS is easy to use. Just specify the six 44.1 khz WAV or AIFF files of your surround or multichannel mix. SurCode will create a DTS encoded WAV file, at a 1.234 Mb/s data rate, that you can then burn onto a CD.
With over 60 audio equipment manufacturers licensed to produce DTS decoders, DTS has become a standard for high quality Surround Sound in home theater systems. This makes it easy to easy to give someone your Surround Sound mix to audition, and also creates a mass market for distribution of multichannel surround recordings.
SurCode’s CD-DTS encoder is a low cost version for encoding surround mixes exclusively onto audio Compact Discs. SurCode CD–DTS is a fully licensed and certified encoder and decoder, suitable for encoding commercially released recordings.

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